Emergency Shelter and NFI

Useful information

5W reporting

For items not received through the shelter/NFI pipline, 5W reporting is done by partners reporting directly to OCHA, with Sectors responsible for verification and followup. For distributions using the pipline, partners should report their 5W to IOM, for consolidations and sending to OCHA

The 5W process is as follows:

  1. Partners register through this form.
  2. After registration the partner is sent their data entry sheet, with edit access.
  3. After submission, the partner can view their entries in the consolidated sheet.


Pipeline tracking

Partners are requested to report in the Common Pipeline Online Tracking Tool.

The registration and user guide are available below. For questions, contact Takuya ONO tono@iom.int and IOMPKCommonPipeline@iom.int


Mailing list and contacts

Click the following link to be added to the Shelter Sector mailing list. or email Brian Mc Donald bmcdonald@iom.int or Shazad ssraza@iom.int.

The following link is the Shelter Sector contact list.


Sector Contacts

Islamabad: Atta ULLAH attullah@iom.int (National-level Shelter Sector Coordinator); shelter.im.pak@gmail.com (national-level Shelter Sector IM)

Karachi: Mariam HYDER mhyder@iom.int (Sindh Shelter Sector focal point)

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