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Check out all help videos in a single playlist.  Topics covered include how to add dashboards, edit pages and add new managers. 

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Adding Reports, Maps and Infographics

Adding new Content
The easiest way to submit content (reports, assessments, meeting minutes, contact lists, maps & infographics) is to send it via email to

Content will then appear on the feed on your site. You can also feature content by adding it directly to an operation and/or cluster page.

So… no more tagging?
Good news, you won’t have to worry anymore about tagging your content. You just simply send the file by email to and the ReliefWeb team will handle the rest. 

Fixing errors... how can I do it?

So you have noticed that the content sent to ReliefWeb has an error and you need to fix it. Send an email to with the corrected version of the file and ask the ReliefWeb team to replace it. The content URL will remain the same, and you do not need to change it on your page. 


Getting Started

Adding New Managers

Featuring Documents

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