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Kenya - Requirements and Funding Data

FTS publishes data on humanitarian funding flows as reported by donors and recipient organizations. It presents all humanitarian funding to a country and funding that is specifically reported or that can be specifically mapped against funding…

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IPC Acute Food Insecurity Country Data

The IPC Acute Food Insecurity (IPC AFI) classification provides strategically relevant information to decision makers that focuses on short-term objectives to prevent, mitigate or decrease severe food insecurity that threatens lives or livelihoods. This data has…


Kenya: Citizen Generated Data on antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

This study used radio and free SMS short code in tandem to identify drivers and barriers promoting or hindering community knowledge and best practices in relation to antimicrobial resistance. This intervention was deployed in the counties…

5 Oct 2022


Kenya - Conflict Events

A weekly dataset providing the total number of reported political violence, civilian-targeting, and demonstration events in Kenya. Note: These are aggregated data files organized by country-year and country-month. To access full event data, please register to…


Humanitarian Response Plan projects for Kenya

Projects proposed, in progress, or completed as part of the annual Kenya Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) or other Humanitarian Programme Cycle plans. The original data is available on Note that some projects are not publicly listed,…

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