About Us

What is ReliefWeb Response?
ReliefWeb Response (RW Response) is a specialised digital service of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). This service is part of OCHA's commitment to the humanitarian community to ensure that relevant information in a humanitarian emergency is available to facilitate situational understanding and decision-making. It is the next generation of the Humanitarian Response platform.  

How does ReliefWeb Response work?
RW Response aggregates content from multiple platforms to provide an authoritative source for information in new and existing humanitarian operations and can be tailored by country or emergency.

For information on using RW Response - see our help documentation here:  https://response.reliefweb.int/help

How can I get access to ReliefWeb Response?
Anyone can access the content on RW Response.  If you were a manager on the HumanitarianResponse.info platform, you will be a manager on RW Response as well.  

What is RW Labs?  Why is ReliefWeb Response a Labs Project?
Labs projects explore new and emerging opportunities to improve information delivery to humanitarians.  We have put the new RW Response in the Labs environment because we are actively working with clients and using their feedback to improve the service iteratively.  We think the end result will be a stronger service for everyone.  

How is the information organized on RW Response?
Similar to the Humanitarian Response.info platform, country and regional responses are at the core of ReliefWeb Response.  The site enables humanitarians to organize, display and share critical information to improve the response.

How do I get involved?
RW Response is actively soliciting feedback to improve this service.  Interested in becoming a tester?  Let us know!  Send an email to:  info@humanitarianresponse.info